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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. We, at LNCT Group of Institutions, believe in creating a conducive environment that kindles the curiosity of young seeking minds through education, extending the right pedagogy that encourages innovation and liberation of mind and instills core values of humanism, dynamism, and compassion.

For more than 20 years, LNCT has emerged as one of the most prestigious groups of institutions in Central India catering world-class professional courses in more than 13 fields from Engineering, Management to Medical, Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Dentistry, and Nursing.




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With LNCT Guru, we take a step forward in realizing our vow to provide unabridged and unadulterated education.

To create a virtual space where we offer courses in Dentistry science delivered by the best brains in the industry. Therefore, when you choose LNCT Guru, you become part of central India’s coveted Gurukul, LNCT Group of Institutions.

Our visionary

Our Guru

Shri Jai Narain Chouksey - Chairperson, LNCT Group

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Our Founder and Chairperson, Shri Jai Narain Chouksey is the driving force of our LNCT ecosystem. It is his vision, zeal, and determination that make our learning sphere conducive to innovation and acclimatization with the changing times and technology. Thus when you choose LNCT Guru, you become a part of our intelligent and intuitive educational sphere.

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Core Values

We are on a journey to EDUCATE, ENABLE & EMPOWER those who wish to set foot in pursue of knowledge & skills.


We act with honesty in accordance with the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards​, so that our biosphere has strong integrity.


We respect and honor the dignity of each individual, embrace civil discourse, and foster a diverse, inclusive, and harmonious community.


We bear our inherent responsibility of accountability for our decisions, actions, and consequences that shape lives and the future associated to our community.


We seek, create and share new knowledge and understanding, to foster creativity and innovation, for the benefit of our communities, society, and the environment.


We strive for excellence in all our endeavors as individuals, an institution, and a leader in higher education.

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Our Vision

  • To provide affordable and quality education while equipping students with knowledge and skill set that help them in their professional as well personal spheres of life.
  • To inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential, and thus shape them into future leaders, entrepreneurs, and above all responsible individuals who are contributive to society.


Our Mission

  • Imparting education of the highest standard through value-based holistic teaching and learning by integrating traditional and innovative practices.
  • Creating a platform for students kindles their creative spark, ignites their minds, and nurtures the spirit of ‘I can’.